growing up

Silly and young. A dreamer, a friend, a little rough around the edges. Seeking fun, adventure, Jesus…

He was the first friend I met as a freshman in college.

His “bad attitude” exemplified by a piercing put our group of friends on the outside of a professor’s favor…for a time. ๐Ÿ™‚

He drank a half gallon of orange juice in the back of doctrine class and once got poison ivy so bad his whole face swelled up.

Only he could wreck a buddy’s car and end up friends again before long.

After all, he was distracted, planning how to propose to the girl he loved.

I told him he was silly to get married so young.

He told me I shouldn’t go out with Nels again.

What did we know? ๐Ÿ™‚

Kenneth and his wife April have been such a precious couple in our lives.

Kenneth was my first friend at school, and April became one of my first “wife/mommy” friends.

We served together at two churches and really grew up a lot together through undergraduate classes, hard times, three new babies, financial hardships, struggling to understand life and God’s plans for us…and lots of fun times, perhaps a cigar in the woods once or twice.

Kenneth is deploying for the first time here before long. Although we met him and his wife here in college, it feels like we’ve been friends since childhood and it’s strange that now he is a grown up man, going off to defend our country. His wife, (“the hottest girl in the world” Kenneth used to say, nerdily pushing up his glasses and texting her always) just a girl a few years ago, is now a strong woman, an army wife, managing her home and raising her two boys who we pray will grow to be valiant men who follow Christ.

I share all this to ask you to pray for them in the coming months.

Pray that God would protect Kenneth, and be near to him and to April. Pray that God would give April grace and strength to be the only parent at home with her boys for a while. Pray that God would strengthen their marriage in the midst of this time apart. Pray for a community ย of believers to be around them and support them…pray whatever God puts on your heart, but please pray for them! We love them.

Thanks โค

April & Kenneth – April 24, 2009 at our wedding! Just before their first son, Josiah was born. ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “growing up

  1. Beautifully written Jordan. Especially the ending paragraphs.
    They definitely need our prayer as they will be miles apart from what I understand, a year.
    God bless you Lewie’s. We love you โค

  2. Jordan, we are praying for them! Thanks for the tribute to this awesome American family. God, please be their defender.

  3. Will be praying for them!!! I know it happens, ALL the time, but I hate hearing of it. We will be loosing four familes from our Connection Group (aka Sunday School) in May due to deployments. It breaks my heart for the families, but it is OH SO SWEET to rejoice with them in their return!!!

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