a shopping list :)

no, i will probably never buy all these things…

but they are pretty and i have assembled a list and i am hoping to put a little time, love and money into our living room in the near future…some of these things may make it into our home, but most will just be inspiration. 😉 hope you enjoy a little “window shopping” with me!

Iznik Durrie rug from West Elm in Citron (5×8 is $229, 8×10 is $459)

Acanthus Pillar Holders, from the Pottery Barn ($19 – $49)

Fabrice de Villeneuve “Cherry Blossoms” from World Market (on sale for $79.99)

Kiona Trunk from Pier1 (on sale for $169.99)

Citrus-Cilantro Layered Candles from Pier1 ($8-16)

Embroidered Aubergine Pillow, also from Pier1 ($23.96)

…and i don’t remember where I found these. lol…

What’s inspiring you lately?

❤ jc


5 thoughts on “a shopping list :)

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