How Precious Life Is

Listened to this song tonight while washing dishes…

We moved the desk out of the office
Took down the college picture frames
Painted all the walls yellow
Because it goes with anything
Put those guards on all the outlets
Found a safer car to buy
Did it all for your protection
And your mama’s piece of mind

I couldn’t see it ‘til now
You were teaching us then
How precious life is

I saw you in that picture
When they said you were a boy
Though I swore I had no preference
Those words filled my heart with joy
My mind raced ahead a decade
It had us camping near a fire
Where you’d tell me all your troubles
And I’d make everything alright

I couldn’t see it ‘til now
You were teaching us then
How precious life is

God willing if we have another child
I’ll see it for the miracle it is
I’ll be hanging on to every blessed breath
‘cause I can’t forget
How precious life is

I thought I knew what pain was
But I really had no clue
Until the hope was disappearing
And there was nothing we could do
I was too tired to shout in anger
Too scared to run and hide
I just stared there at your mother
And thanked God she was alive

I couldn’t see it ‘til now
You were teaching us then
How precious life is

(from his “reinventing the wheel” album)

This song is so beautiful. I wish there were a video on youtube so you could hear it as well! I think I first heard this song at my brother & sister in law’s (who, incidentally, are about two months away from welcoming their first-born!)…

You might say, “Jordan, why would you listen to a song like this while you’re pregnant? Are you worried about miscarrying?”

And I’d have to say…A new pregnancy is full of reasons to be anxious. No, I have no particular reasons to worry about a miscarriage. As far as we know our baby is happy, healthy, growing, with a heart beating! Can you believe that!? I read just the other day that baby’s eyes are already fully formed behind fused eyelids. Amazing! How quickly and masterfully God knits these little ones.

I think He intends for pregnancies and new babies to just be an overwhelming joy. That’s why I love this song – life is so precious! I want to deeply value this little one even before it’s first breath. I want to be joyful in the midst of potential anxieties and hardships. I want to see it all for the miracle it is.

This morning started quite normally. I woke up with baby pressing on my bladder – stopped in the bathroom, drank a glass of water, and picked up Kaya from her crib. Nels was making breakfast and all of the sudden I had to run to the bathroom – and puked up my glass of water. It was really a discouraging way to start the day.

And the day continued in the same manner as it began…

Now, I am quite thankful that this pregnancy has been so different from my first. Most days my biggest complaint is feeling tired and “off.” At this point with Kaya I was throwing up about 4-5 times a day and was completely miserable. Compared to that, I am doing quite well, but even still, even a perfectly healthy pregnancy brings hardships with weight gain and discomfort, limited activities, more rest, different clothes, impending labor.

I will keep praying for strength and health, for energy for the day and the tasks at hand. And yet, should it be God’s plan for me to endure more sickness, I want to strive to have the attitude described in James: ” Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.  And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” Even Jesus, the founder of our salvation was made “perfect” (mature, complete) through suffering (Hebrews 2:10)…why would I want to have it any different than my Lord?

It’s much easier to endure this minor suffering knowing that God is using it to make me steadfast, mature and complete.

Well, those are my thoughts tonight. Kudos to you if you made it through all that. 🙂

Life is precious! I hope you will view it as such. ❤



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