New Shoes? & Banana Bread

I keep going back and forth.

I want these shoes. Bad.

They’re cuteish. They’d go with 6 million things. They have good arch support for supporting my prego feets! They have my size. They’d be great in summer or winter.

They’re $44. Not exactly in my price range currently – but really – its $22 for the shoes, $22 for a pair of shoes for a child in need. It’s charitable to buy these shoes.

I keep almost ordering them and then feeling guilty because its really not in the budget right now. Maybe next week? I have this shining “I’m pregnant and I’ll have what I want!” attitude…and it’s really hard on the ol’ bank account. πŸ™‚

On a different…less guilty note!…we have been making an effort to eat a bit healthier lately (its this Nutrition class I’m taking and all the books I’m reading for it! Eating junk is no longer fun! I almost died when Nels told me he had 3 1/2 donuts at work the other day. UGHHH!! Do you know what that kind of sugar and fat can do to your body?!?! lol). This mahhhhvelous whole wheat banana bread is good for you and even sugar-free (made with honey instead). Delish. I love banana bread but our normal/beloved/family recipe has several cups of sugar, pudding added, white flour, etc. etc. I LOVE it, I tell you! But I can have banana bread a lot more frequently and guilt-lessly making it the other way – and it was honestly really good (moist even!) – try it!

Hmm. Few things I love in life so much as new shoes and banana bread.

It’s nap time for this girl…thats what I spend most of my free time doing these days! Hey, growing a baby isn’t easy. πŸ˜‰

❀ jc

P.S.: OKAY so we’re not totally health nuts yet. I made this yummy cherry cake pudding for a Valentine’s treat. So worth the splurge πŸ™‚


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