Some things I love…

I love…

– how he says I am so beautiful, even with baby inside…”a different kind of beautiful, but beautiful still.” And I try to believe the loving words (have I mentioned we’re expecting?).

– how it may be the last-minute, thrown-together, what-do-we-have-for-supper meal, and he tells me its delicious. Just what he needed.

– how she, my little girlfriend, has no inside voice and only loud ramblings and songs…but mumbles under her breath (about what, I wonder?) as she falls asleep.

– when the top teeth are coming in, and as she giggles and swings upside down I catch a first glimpse.

– when the bananas are almost brown and it’s time to make some bread out of them…I can smell it already.

– how nice it is to realize a habit has grown out of an attempt at change.

What about you?




6 thoughts on “Some things I love…

  1. *I love how our God is faithful through the ages as proven by your post! Seems it was only yesterday that I could have penned these exact same words!

    *I love how His mercies are new each day. Sometimes I doubt that.

    *I love the smell of fresh laundry.

    *I love the belly laugh’s of my grandbabies…it so reminds me of their mommy’s at that same age!

    *I love my husband….with an deep, passionate and everlasting love! {God’s GREATEST gift to me on this earth!}

    *And I love your blog…it calms my heart and makes me smile as I read your words.

    Thank you Mama!!

    • I love having sweet smilin SETH and TRINER faces on my fridge! Thanks for the Valentine πŸ™‚ — Love YOU! ❀

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