like mommy like daughter? :)

When I was about one year old, I had my picture taken in this sweet little painter’s top:

And my sweet Mama saved that shirt and Kaya got to wear it on her birthday last Wednesday!…

I didn’t get the same pose/expression as in the photo, so I may have to try again another day, but it was really special to get some photos of her in the same little shirt. šŸ™‚




10 thoughts on “like mommy like daughter? :)

  1. Love these!!! and the one of Kaya with her nose curled up reminds me of one of your mom…I need to find it for you. Loved the birthday celebration even if I flunked the games. You are definitely a great party planner. Gma Kris

  2. I love pictures like that. My mom did the same thing with Sarah and I. She had a sunsuit that mom had her picture taken in at the age of 3 then Sarah and I had our picture taken in the same outfit by the same photographer, Neal Hensley. Now, Sarah lives in the house where Neal Hensley had his photo studio. Ask your Grandma Kris about it, I am sure she will know what I am talking about. Ranae will be having her pic taken in that same outfit as well. We have to keep these traditions going. Hope Kaya has a wonderful 2nd year, growing and learning new things everyday!

  3. Oh Jordan…I love these pictures!! I remember you in those pictures…and what a beautiful mommy you grew up to be!! That is so sweet that your mama saved that little top for her to wear someday! I just found a little jumper in my Mom’s basement that I wore when I was a toddler and took it over for Kierstyn to try on. I have a few pictures and when I have time to blog again, I’ll put it on there. It’s not fit for her to wear, but there is something so nostalgic in seeing her in it. Wish I had a snappy of me in it when I was a wee tot! ; ) Happy BD to your sweet babygirl and Happy First Year to her awesome parents! You think you’ve had blessings this first year?? Hang on girl…it just gets better and BETTER!! xxoo

  4. Jordan! These are so cute! Sorry I missed saying happy birthday to Kaya – I have been off FB for a while. šŸ™‚ So…happy birthday (late) to sweet little Kaya! I can’t believe she’s a year already – such a beautiful, happy girl!

  5. She is so expressive!!! Great pictures! Girls clothes are so much better at making it from one generation to the next and still looking “normal”!

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