{an award}

I think a big thank you is in order for my husband’s cousin Audrey Ross who recently named my blog in her post and flattered my face off by passing on a “blogging award” to me. What a fun surprise! I don’t know Audrey well yet, but I am really happy to call her family. She’s a dedicated, determined lady who I could truly see being a world changer as she walks in step with the Holy Spirit. There are few people gifted with the drive, energy and incredible family that Audrey has.

In accepting this award I am supposed to share 7 things about myself and also pass on the award to 10 more bloggers (although Audrey did 5, and I’m going to follow suit!)…so here goes!

About Me:  1| After spending a week with my former roommate/travel buddy/bridesmaid, I was reminded of several crazy things I’ve done in life that I completely forget (blocked?)…for example, I swam in the Atlantic Ocean in my underwear…twice. It wasn’t just for fun, I really didn’t have a swimsuit with me! Also, apparently I mooned a passerby on a Florida freeway. For that I’m truly sorry. 😛  2| At the tender age of 6, I was devastated to learn that girls don’t really grow up to be football players. We lived in Nebraska for pity’s sake – what else would I grow up to be?!  3| Also once upon a time, in what seems a very different life, I was a gifted swimmer as a child. Like good enough that my swim coach wanted me to train for the junior Olympics. But my parents and I decided against it. Why? Because I thought it was boring. All those laps? Seriously repetitive and dull. Racing I enjoyed though. But those swim caps were awful and pulled my hair and brought tears. Team sports ended up being much more my thing, although I was never invited to Olympic basketball or volleyball teams. ;-P.  4| I’ve been to Mexico, England, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Costa Rica. Nels has also been to Mexico, Thailand (for one day! lol) and Myanmar. Few things thrill me like international travel (and ministry!).  5| I love letters. Like real, honest to goodness, hold them in your hand, recognize the handwriting, old-fashioned letters. It takes time, it takes stamps and it takes pretty stationery of course, but it is such a happy thing to send and receive heart-warming mail.  6| I am really pumped for Kaya to get a little bit older and begin to appreciate painting, coloring, etc. Seriously…I may get nothing done except mommy/daughter craft time. 7| In 9th grade at our Christian school we had to memorize the Bible book of James. At the time I’m sure I complained, but it was probably one of the most useful and awesome things I’ve learned during all my 17 years of education.

Noteworthy Friends & Bloggers:

1| http://ourportion4ever.blogspot.com/ Laura has been so kind to me and is very open and honest about being a military wife, a mother of three and a child of God. Her love for her family is apparent!

2 | http://elle-takeheart.blogspot.com/ I just love this girl. I’ve known her and her family since I was in junior high and she is one of the sweetest, most talented people you’ll ever meet. She loves writing and Jesus – which makes her extra dear to my heart!

3| http://www.cherylsblogdoodles.blogspot.com/ This sweet woman was my mother’s dearest friend and mentor when she was young and very new to being a wife and mom. Cheryl and her daughters were some of our most wonderful friends and babysitters growing up and it’s been great to re-connect over blogs and facebook! I admire this woman as an example in following Christ and loving others.

4| http://lucynoelle.blogspot.com/ I don’t know Tali well, but I feel like I should as our families are friends and work at the same place, and go to the same church and school! She has a beautiful baby girl who is a few months older than Kaya (people have said they look like light & dark versions of each other! lol) and it is fun hearing about and relating to her adventures.

5| http://www.twokidsonelove-jj.blogspot.com/ Jordan and I went to school together when we were in junior high and we have the same name, which is awesome – duh! But really, Jordan is full of life and joy and fun…and she’s a super cute newlywed!

Well friends, if you’d like to participate, here are the guidelines:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award. That’s me. 🙂

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 10 other bloggers.

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

All that said, Audrey, it’s very sweet of you to mention me and I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog from time to time. 🙂 Blessings on you and yours out there in wild, beautiful Wyoming! 😉

❤ Happy Thursday! Hoping to post a trip de-brief update sometime soon…in the meantime, trying to stay busy and ward off this cabin fever! The snow is so beautiful, but I am ready to GO SOMEWHERE!! lol 🙂



2 thoughts on “{an award}

  1. ahhh…. so sweet of you. I loved reading your 7 things. I loved that you wanted to be a football player. I begged my parents to let me join the wrestling team or football team because I was convinced I could beat all the boys 🙂

    And the swimming, impressive. I was on the swim team, but definately more of an amateur. I don’t think I ever did learm to dive, I just belly flopped into the water and started racing. I remember my coach asking me if it hurt, and I said, “no, I feel fine” – I’m sure I was hilarious to watch.

    Ok, I won’t write an entire blog on your blog. But thanks for all the kind words. Hopefully someday we’ll get to know eachother in person.


  2. Well toots…I’m not real sure what a “blogging award” is, really, but thank you for giving me one! Ha!! I’m a pretty pathetic blogger as of late, but have been reminded 3 times in the past 2 days that I need to get back with it, so back with it I will get! January is a very reflective time for me…and I suppose I just spend time organizing, cooking, loving on my gift of a husband and re-learning that it’s VITAL for me to spend time every morning, first thing, right away….with my Lord.
    That being said…thanks for the award. I always thought my rewards would come in glory, but I’ll take these little ones now…and save the big ones for later! I do enjoy your writing…and your heart. And I smile when I see the faithfulness of our GREAT God, through the uplifting words you’ve written.

    May God bless your heart real good today! : )

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