Life’s Lessons {& a KC snowday!}

I learn, as the years roll onward

And leave the past behind,

That much I had counted sorrow

But proves that God is kind;

That many a flower I had longed for

Had hidden a thorn of pain,

And many a rugged bypath

Led to fields of ripened grain.

the sweet toboggan-crafting daddy















The clouds that cover the sunshine

They can not banish the sun;

And the earth shines out the brighter

When the weary rain is done.

We must stand in the deepest shadow

To see the clearest light;

And often through wrong’s own darkness

Comes the very strength of light.

the princess-recipient of daddy's deer-hide gift

























The sweetest rest is at even,

After a wearisome day,

When the heavy burden of labor

Has borne from our hearts away;

And those who have never known sorrow

Can not know the infinite peace

That falls on the troubled spirit

When it sees at last release.

We must live through the dreary winter

If we would value the spring;

And the woods must be cold and silent

Before the robins sing.

The flowers must be buried in darkness

Before they can bud and bloom,

And the sweetest, warmest sunshine

Comes after the storm and gloom.


enjoying an afternoon of playing in the snow

“Life’s Lessons” – Anonymous


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