Thoughts on 2010/2011 {Happy New Year!}

Happy New Year, friends!

I am thankful for the new and fresh. A fresh start, a new year! I am praising the Lord for his faithfulness in my life in 2010 and anticipating a year of growth in faith and life in 2011.

Over the last few days I have been prayerfully considering a couple of resolutions. I know that resolutions made in my own will and strength are destined for failure, but those that are inspired by the Lord have hope of being completed as He gives strength for the task. I feel that the purpose of resolutions is not to tear myself down for the shortcomings of the last year, because all in all I trust that to the best of my ability, I honored the Lord with my life in 2010. The purpose of my resolutions, rather, is to take a moment to consider some areas of weakness in my life and allow God to correct my focus for the year ahead.

Here are a few of the things I have been pondering:

  • I am grieved (doesn’t that sound so dramatic?! but it seems the most fitting word…) that I am still carrying some extra weight since the pregnancy. My husband and I decided that for the most part it is best for me to avoid the scale, but I can feel that I am out of shape and some of my clothes still fit awkwardly. I fear that if I don’t lose this weight now it will become “normal” for me, and will be compounded if I get pregnant again. I understand that my body has undergone changes and will not be exactly the same as it once was, but it is important to me to feel better about my body. I told Nels that I feel like I need some help in getting motivated since I no longer have the “fun” exercise for sports and such, and he promised to go to the gym two nights a week with me. In addition to that, I am planning to go to the gym or do a workout video from home two other days a week with Friday as a “flex-day”…to work out if I have time and want to, or if I have missed a day earlier in the week.
  • Without scheduling things into my week, so many “good intentioned ideas” are forgotten. I am planning to schedule in a few hours a week for 1) Reading, 2) Creative Time (writing, various craft projects, crocheting, playing guitar) and 3) Memorization. It has been on my mind lately that I really want to start memorizing more passages from the Bible, as well as some favorite poetry (including Longfellow’s “I Heard the Bells on  Christmas Day”). I am compiling a “2011 Reading List” of books to complete this year and would welcome any suggestions for this list! I will post it soon.
  • We spent a couple of weeks at the Carlson family farm over our Christmas break and when I arrived at home I realized how refreshing it was to be disconnected from Facebook and Twitter for a while. I felt truly rested because in my rest moments I took a nap or read a book rather than hopping online to see what everyone else was up to. My mind was filled up with hymns and poetry rather than thoughts of whose profile picture was prettier or more artistic. My time was spent with family and friends rather than online shopping or mindless blog surfing (two activities I very much enjoy, but perhaps they can be “scheduled in” rather than becoming a daily almost involuntary habit!). I’d like my time online to be more intentional.
  • I have two particular issues in my spiritual life that I feel like the Lord is calling me to address. Sin and weakness that has far too long lingered in the back of my mind, rearing it’s ugly head from time to time. I want to really seek the Lord for freeing and healing from this sin that brings me so much sorrow. I pray that he will give me the strength to fight the spiritual battle ahead and do whatever it takes to be more whole-heartedly His.

Well friends, there are some of my ideas for a strong start this year. What is on your mind? Any resolutions? Any victories in the last year that you plan to build on? Happy 2011! May God be glorified in our lives this year.



10 thoughts on “Thoughts on 2010/2011 {Happy New Year!}

  1. I love your resolutions! Go for it! I might not be much help with the last 3, but if you need any ideas for working out at home or getting in shape, let me know. I know you can do it!!! Tell Nels, “Way to GO!” I love seeing couples that go to the gym together. Check out or search for their videos on YouTube. They have a bunch of good workouts you could do anywhere.

    Good Luck and Happy New Year!

    Audrey Ross

  2. Thanks, Audrey! I will check it out. Nels and I had our first night back at the YMCA tonight and even got to roll the basketball around in the gym with Kaya afterwards. It feels good to sweat and make health a priority for our family. Love y’all — hope you’re having a great start to 2011!

    • oooo…. don’t get me started. I’m an iTunes junky 🙂 What type of music do you like? Is there anything you completely hate?

      I’m on the library computer right now. But I’ll send you a fun list tomorrow when i’m at home and look through some of my favorites.

  3. Really love Jon Foreman, Iron & Wine, MeWithoutYou…
    but for working out, honestly, I love clubbing and dance music. And Lecrae.
    Although, since becoming a mommy, I’ve been purging my iTunes library of uhh…”promiscuity”-related songs, realizing that Kaya is very aware of everything going on around her and I should be more aware as well…but I’m really going to miss the Black Eyed Peas “Pump It Up” lol

    • well, I have a list but sometimes our home computer wigs out and it won’t let me paste it. So, I’ll have to try again later

  4. Hey Jordan…I just spent the last 2 hrs. reading your blog!! What a joy to see how the Lord has grown you and continues to lead you to the cross daily! It seems only yesterday you were dressing up in hats and having a tea party at our house…or sledding at Pioneer Park…and with such joy as to make us all forget our problems and laugh with you!! You’ve been blessed, sweet girl. You look so much like your sweet Mama! I remember seeing some of the same snaps of her holding you….and loving her precious daughter just as you love Kala! Times may change, but the love of a mother never changes! I’m going to love following your blog! I can already see I will learn much from you! xxoo, C

    • Thank you, Cheryl! I am glad you enjoyed it and our whole family has been delighted to reconnect with yours at least over facebooks and blogs and such. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying a very Happy New Year and I will be following your blog as well…I love how you value your family so much. ❤


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