11 Month Update

We will be out of town for Kaya’s 11-month “birthday” on December 26, so I decided to go ahead and post an update a little early!…

The last month has had some ups and downs, especially because I had an infection due to nursing, which in turn affected Kaya and we have both also had bad colds and viruses. I was shocked at her last doctor’s appointment to find out that my little girl who had been in the 98th percentile for weight and 100th for height was in 50th for weight and 75th for height. The doctor attributed this somewhat to our slowing down the nursing while I was sick, to her having her own unique growth pattern and starting to move a lot more, etc…but also said that we should be careful to make sure she’s eating enough (it was sort of a relief as I was feeling like she was eating all day long – but no, she needs to eat a lot!). We also decided to start having her eat a lot more oatmeal to get some filling and nutritious carbohydrates in her diet since she never really enjoyed the rice cereal and had mostly been eating just milk and veggies/fruit. Now she is just loving the oatmeal mixed with different fruits, juices, veggies, yogurt, cinnamon, agave nectar, etc. She still just has her two teeth, so we are a bit limited in the solid foods but she loves bananas and raisins and gnaws on whole apples anytime they are left within her reach.

Kaya has been walking sooooo much – especially the last two days! From what we have seen, her record is eleven steps. Each day she gets a little stronger and a little more confident. She has been waving goodbye, and is starting to seem interested in the signs that Nels and I make to her, although the only sign she makes is “milk” and it seems to be her word for everything…:) Of all her toys, her books are an easy favorite. She is rarely quiet and still, but when she is, it’s usually because she’s paging through a favorite book. She also loves her talking Barney that some of our friends gave to her…Nels and I think he’s a bit on the creepy side…but we can’t get rid of him because Kaya adores him. “Hugs are stuuuupendous!” – thats what I hear about 488239 times a day. Weird


I love Kaya’s sweet, energetic personality. She gets so excited to go the the gym or church nursery. She makes friends with everyone at the grocery store or any guests to our house. She is especially in love with her grandma and grandpa…she completely forgets about her mommy when they are around! Lately she has grown a lot in her understanding of teasing and play.  When we act like we are chasing her she screams and laughs and buries her head under pillows.  She has bonded more with her dad this past month than in any up to this point and when he comes home from work she is just delighted. I also feel like she and I have bonded even more lately and I am so in love with my little cuddle buddy! She is also a total ego-boost because she thinks I am hilarious.

However, she is incredibly strong willed and a few weeks ago we had two screaming fits that ended with her passing out. Talk about a little drama queen! We have been working with her on heeding the word “no” and have seen some good improvement. As a parent, I am finding that it is hard to find a good balance between consistency in discipline and also having grace and knowing when to just move the “temptation” object or whatever.

Anyway, there is a big ol’ update on my almost 11-month old baby girl! I have been trying harder to write things down about her growth and such because it seems like it is all going so quickly. It is sooooo unfair that a woman must be pregnant and sick and fat for so long, then endure labor and sleep deprivation only to have a baby for a few months! My sugar is walking and is seeming more and more like a small child and less and less like a baby every day! But ohhh…she is still so cute and tiny. What a joy! I am so excited for her first Christmas (I love being Santa! ha!).

Merry Christmas, friends! Christ’s peace//


P.S.: We had a super fun family photo session with my family and a photographer who is a family friend the other day! Check out the adorableness of my 11mo. princess here!


2 thoughts on “11 Month Update

    • Carrie really does a super job, doesn’t she? After our photo session I was inspired to amp up my photography skills. It was great to see her too – do you remember babysitting her little lovelies in the church nursery? 🙂

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