up to no good…

While I was sick last week, Nels was busy taking care of both the baby and me.

Imagine then, his surprise when he found Kaya in the kitchen…

With a half-dispensed bottle of Karo syrup. 🙂

Do you know how incredibly sticky that stuff is?!?!

Haha. Poor Nels! …but Kaya, on the other hand…had herself some sweet and sticky fun.

Aww, it’s my little stinker!

And a big thank you to Nels for preserving this sweet memory on the camera for me, as I was fevering and glued to the couch and could not enjoy the mess or help with the clean up…:)

…and needless to say, the Karo syrup has found a safer, higher place in our kitchen!

❤ jc


4 thoughts on “up to no good…

  1. Thank you soooo much for sharing this. Kaya brings joy & happiness even when she explores! I am glad Nels thought to take the picture before he had to clean up!I did not realize you have been ill. Praising God you are better.

  2. Aww, thanks Eunice! I am glad he did too. 🙂 Also, I guess it was two weeks ago (right before Thanksgiving) and I just finished up my antiobiotics. Who knew an infection due to nursing could be so hellish?! Ugh.

  3. Tyler did the same thing with a ketchup bottle once. He also did other things that almost gave me a heart attack. I will only tell you about it in person though, I only hope Kaya never does anything like it. Just remember, with each mess, mistake, or broken heirloom something new was learned.

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