Christmas is only 22 days away!

It is unbelievably exciting to get to celebrate Kaya’s first Christmas this year.

{Also, it is unbelievably easy to get caught up in making everything perfect. Or perfect according to my own wishes.}

What a priviledge to celebrate Christ’s birth! What a privilege to be a wife and mom and get to organize and prepare and “facilitate” this season of joy!

I am feeling like this is my first “married Christmas” even though it’s not – simply because I was so huge and pregnant and out of it last year.

My biggest challenge right now? – finishing school and other priorities before getting carried away with Christmasy things – also, staying in budget is a challenge. But when is that not true? Just multiplied right now. However, I am feeling happily thrifty since we are making a lot of things this year…yay!

Anyway, I will post some pictures soon…excerpts also as promised…and some updates on my little girl soon!

I promise, I love this blog more than it seems like I do lately…:/…only two more weeks of school though, and between now and then I have quite a few projects to finish and one big final! So thanks for grace. 🙂

Love to you and yours ~ if you have a moment, share with me some thoughts on the advent season and Christmas and how you are preparing your heart and home to celebrate Christ’s birth! ❤


P.S.: Go to and listen to the “Christmas” station! Fun music and free ~ however, you’ll have to edit the station a lot to hear carols about Jesus…:/


2 thoughts on “Advent

  1. We set up or nativity scene and explained to Tyler who everyone is, especially baby Jesus. Tyler was especially excited to hear that Jesus has a birthday in December…Like Tyler…so Tyler and Jesus are the same. At least that was the connection he made. The school children also have a small baby Jesus at their desk so they can be reminded of Jesus and Advent. Also every morning the school children gather around as we sing and light the Advent wreth.

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