I’ve been reading a lot lately and thought I would post a few favorite excerpts over the next few days as I am working on projects and papers for school and preparing for my last final! Hope you enjoy. The following is from George MacDonald’s “Diary of an Old Soul”…

“Father of me, thou art my bliss secure.
Make of me, Maker, whatsoe’er thou wilt.
Let fancy’s wings hang moulting, hope grow poor,
And doubt steam up from where a joy was spilt –
I lose no time to reason it plain and clear,
But fly to thee, my life’s perfection dear:
Not what I think, but what thou art, makes sure.”

“No place on earth henceforth I shall count strange,
For every place belongeth to my Christ.
I will go calm where’er thou bid’st me range;
Whoe’er my neighbor, thou art still my nighest.
Oh, my heart’s life, my owner, will of my being!
Into my soul thou every moment diest,
In thee my life thus evermore decreeing.”

“Thou knowest all our weeping, fainting, striving;
Thou know’st how very hard it is to be;
How hard to rouse faint will not yet reviving;
To do the pure thing, trusting all to thee;
To hold thou art there, for all no face we see;
How hard to think, through cold and dark and dearth,,
That thou art nearer now than when eye-seen on earth.”

“I know not how – for that I first must know thee.
I know I know thee not as I would know thee,
For my heart burns like theirs that did not know him,
Till he broke bread, and therein they must know him.
I know thee, knowing that I do not know thee,
Nor ever shall till one with me I know thee –
Even as thy Son, the eternal man, doth know thee.”

I love George MacDonald! His poetry is wonderful and his fiction enjoyable and oh-so-enticing during the busy closing weeks of school! Haha…I also hope to post an update on little Kaya soon, as she turned 10 months old over Thanksgiving break! All in good time. 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! God bless…



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