5 Lessons in Keeping House

A few lessons from my first year and a half as the keeper of our home:

1) Using paper plates is not a sin. And actually, Hobby Lobby has some really pretty and sturdy ones and every few weeks they are 50% off. A lot of the day is already spent preparing food and eating it…why use up the rest cleaning up after eating?! We like to have lunch on paper, dinner on our nice plates.

2) Light the dang candles! Why do I feel so stingy about burning candles even when I have a box full in the closet? They instantly make a house smell cleaner than it really is and create a bit of atmosphere. Also, Febreeze is a friend. 🙂

3) Skipping the Sunday nap to catch up on housework never pays off. Never. Pays. Off.

4) Waffles freeze beautifully and are delicious all week long. Instant breakfast = fantastic (we love this recipe with berries and agave nectar drizzled on top!).

5) Don’t wait for the hubby to take out the trash. Or change the light bulb. It may happen…or it may not…but it will definitely not happen when you want it to and will probably drive you nuts until it does (in which case you might start driving him nuts begging for it to happen…ugh…too much craziness). Do it yourself and just be happy when he does do it!…but putting the seat down – now that’s another story. 😉

Just some thoughts! I have a long way to go and this laundry pile and our hunting clothes from the weekend are still all over the floor, soooo I’d better go. Hope you’re having a great week and getting really excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up!! Ohhh, the *anticipation*! 🙂



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