My 1st Not-Unraveled Hat :)

I’ve been working on some crochet projects that I would love to share…

…but they’re Christmas presents! So they will have to wait and remain a secret for now. 🙂

But in the mean time, here is an early Christmas present that I made for Kaya:

Don’t look too close…ha! It’s quite imperfect, but I’m generally pleased with it as my “1st not-unraveled hat.” Just please, please don’t ask me to read and understand a crochet pattern! I’m so lost..ha…

{this was her Sunday pre-service snack time!}

Hope you are all having a lovely week ❤



4 thoughts on “My 1st Not-Unraveled Hat :)

  1. It looks good! but I don’t really know anything about crochet. Kenny thinks I should start but I don’t think I would have patience for it.

  2. You should, April! I don’t have much of an attention span but a small project like this you could probably finish in an evening once you got the hang of it. There are youtube videos and I picked up a couple of books at the library to page through for ideas…I still don’t understand the patterns though, so if you ever figure them out – clue me in!! 🙂

  3. Would love to help you understand patterns. Once you get what all the abriviations mean its a sinch. Too bad you live so far away. What gets confusing is when you are used to US patterns and then try to make a european pattern….its like learning all over again. I would also like to see how you hold your yarn and hook. Nice job on the hat…really cute and the colors look good on her too. Once Christmas break gets here I will be working on another christening dress, even though I have the one Ranae will use picked out and one for Sarah done. They are my favorite thing to crochet.

  4. I know, I wish I lived closer! Now that I know a little bit about crocheting I was looking more closely at Kaya’s christening dress and wow – it is so so intricate and pretty! Very above my skill level, but it was fun to be able to pick out some stitches and recognize what they were. If I can come up with some specific questions I will message you…we are super excited about little Ranae on the way! 😀

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