“winterizing” the apartment :)

bedroom closet “before”

beddroom closet “after”

hall closet “before”

hall closet “after”

Cooler temps on their way means that we’ll be spending a lot more time indoors! I’ve been doing a little here and there to try to get the apartment “winterized” – beginning with closet organization! Two closets down and two to go! Although the next two are filled with lots of my husbands things and I don’t see him helping anytime soon…haha! We already took a big box to the thrift store and threw out many things too…feels good to get things tidy!


One thought on ““winterizing” the apartment :)

  1. yep, doing the same thing here. Add on top of that getting the baby’s room ready, a really big yard full of leaves, and 2 dogs that need hair cuts. Adam helps with the yard work (although I do most of it) and mom painted the baby’s room, but organization and decluttering isn’t really a man’s interest and there is no way I am letting my mom near my closets. It makes me laugh seeing all the stuff he acculmulates though one single year, and Tyler accumulates alot of stuff too. At least you got yours done, I am still plugging away. Would be easier if I didn’t have this whole full time job thing to take all my energy and ambition away. Like you said, a little at a time and it will get done. Your apt looks great!

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