Study Afternoons & Favorite Blogs

Funny how time changes, no?

A year or two ago, I would have bemoaned a study afternoon I think.

Now a moment alone – a quiet hour – time to study and read and write, to put down the responsibilities of wife and mother for a short time…ahhh…its quite a refreshing break.

I love study afternoons.

This week has been a good one so far. A low-key date night…an aimless drive through the country, windows down, easy conversation…ice cream and a walk :). Kaya spending an evening with Grandma Cindy and loving it. A study afternoon learning more about the book of Joel and beginning my paper for Biblical Backgrounds on different socio-political groups and their reaction to Jesus. Skipping the grocery store and improvising dinner with what we have…

The other day I asked about what blogs you follow and mentioned one of my favorites. I wanted to pass on another one that I hope you will enjoy…

A Holy Experience is by Ann Voskamp, and I find it very refreshing. Her style is completely different and consistently points to God in an awe-inspiring, life-renewing sort of way. I am inspired by the way she is family-oriented. I’m also enjoying learning a little bit about homeschooling. I think I would like to at least start Kaya out homeschooling and am beginning to gather thoughts, ideas, curriculum and plans in a prayerful, preparatory way.

Hope you enjoy that recommendation – and have a blessed Wednesday! ❤


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