the great pumpkin obsession

It’s true.

Lately I have been beyond obsessed with pumpkin.

We’ve been eating it in soup, bread, even pureed with a bit of agave for the baby.

I love my dear Aunt Mimi’s pumpkin bread. It’s a warm and happy memory of Thanksgivings spent with my Huston family – waking up early to work out and “earn” Thanksgiving dinner, shopping and craft projects with the girls, watching Nebraska football, measuring our growth and marking it on the door frame of Grandma Barb’s kitchen, finishing the day with Papa Sam and a bowl of popcorn (I’ve been dreaming about him lately – every season has meaningful memories with Papa!). It is fun to continue that tradition, introducing it to Nels (and yes, Kaya – I know, what a bad mom feeding my baby bits of pumpkin bread with chocolate chips!!) and other friends.

And this year we are adding some other great pumpkin recipes to our fall collection! I made this Pumpkin Pecan Butter with walnuts instead because they are cheaper and we had some on hand…we also tried a friend’s Pumpkin Cookies recipe, Holiday Pumpkin Soup and….*drumroll, please*…

…the most incredible Pumpkin-Ginger Cupcakes.

These are beyond ridiculous (anyone know that Shai Linne song?? LOL).

But seriously, I will probably be making these every fall until I die. They are soooo good.

I made a cream cheese frosting and dusted the tops with a bit of ground ginger and decorated them with candy corn (however – we learned the hard way that you should not leave candy corn on top of the frosting overnight…it turns mushy and runs orangey-nasty all over your precious cupcakes. we had to re-frost and decorate them).

Anyway, if you’re looking for a fun recipe for a harvest party or just a delicious autumn treat for your family – try these! We went completely nuts over them.

Do you have any delicious fall foods that you look forward to when the season returns? Family favorites that stir up Thanksgiving memories? I think my pumpkin obsession is drawing to a close, but now I am curious about what kind of goodness we can make with butternut squash…:)

Happy Fall, friends! I hope that you can enjoy God’s wonderful creation and the seasons He has blessed us with. ❤



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