Shai Linne, Lecrae & Dwayne Tryumf

Lately we’ve been listening to some really fun (!)  and doctrinally solid music.

Even if rap and hip hop aren’t really your thing, I think you might enjoy these guys. They have serious skill and passion for the gospel!

I just wanted to share some of our favorites with you…

Dwayne Tryumf – 777 Intro:

Dwayne Tryumf – I Don’t Pack a Matic (one of my brother’s favorite songs!):

Lecrae – I’m Prayin’ For You

Some other songs to look up…Lecrae’s “Send Me” and his newest album “Rehab.” Also, check out Shai Linne’s “Jesus Is Alive” and the rest of the album “The Atonement” …its my hands down favorite right now!


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