a bit of joy!

Happy October!

Isn’t it a beautiful day?

Today I just want to share a bit of joy with you!…

1. I already mentioned that we got to celebrate my cousin’s wedding last weekend, but I did not mention the most wonderful, emotional moment of the whole trip with you. My grandma gave Zach’s bride, Mandi, Papa Sam’s wedding ring. Mandi then had the priviledge of giving it to Zach to wear as his wedding ring. Papa Sam was a godly, honorable, loving, steadfast, wonderful man. I am so proud of Zach and am so delighted that Grandma thought to give him the ring. He carries on in the spirit of godliness and love that Papa Sam blessed all of us with. I can’t even describe that beautiful moment – I was so overwhelmed with love, pride in my grandpa and cousin, and thankfulness to God. Praise Him!

2. God is so good to me even in my weakness and sin. He brought a homeless woman into my life this week and allowed me to be a blessing to her – which in turn filled me up with joy and thanks to Him for making something of this life of mine. I pray that he would rid me of my selfishness and allow me to change the world one little act of blessing at a time.

Well, this has kind of been a long, hard week, but I am so thankful to the Lord for bits of joy along the way. I am always trying to be more disciplined in thankfulness, so I’ll consider this post a step towards a thankful lifestyle.

Love to you, friends – have a blessed weekend and thank the Lord for every little bit of joy in your life!



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