A few snippets from life lately…

My cousin’s wedding was lovely. It was outdoors, which had everyone a bit nervous, but God granted them a fabulous, sunshiney day. Everything was great until my baby girl peed all over my skirt right before the vows…but you know, life goes on.

Four 6-hr car rides with an 8-month old (she’s 8 months old! can you believe it?!) is quite a lot. I’m so happy to be home.

Lately I’ve been mourning (what feels like) the death of my youth (ha! I really feel that way, but its hilarious to write/read it…). Then my husband bought me a yellow car and I think it’s breathed a bit of fresh funk into me ;-P

Do you ever feel so tired that your neck is tight and sore, your eyes are bloodshot and you feel a teensy bit dizzy? That’s how I’ve been…for days…I got to sleep in till 8 am today (SLEEP IN?! this is how much life has changed!) and felt like I was finally making a dent against my shut-eye-deficit.

I have a new favorite album – The Atonement by Shai Linne. I love love love it. Thanks, brother, for introducing me. His song “Jesus is Alive” is my most played on iTunes and in my car right now.

Fall break cannot come soon enough. I’m desperate to relax. To take a nap outside. To figure out someway to make my AWFUL “TROUBLE SPOT” in our house beautiful. To go to the apple orchard with Nels and Kaya. To have a spare moment to take a walk in the woods with the camera. To buy Kaya some fall and winter clothes so she doesn’t freeze in the seasons to come. To read…without setting a timer.  LOL

Well, I hope to write a “real” post sometime soon, but that’s just a little bit of what’s up with us!



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