So earlier this week Kaya and I went on a little thrift store/Hobby Lobby run and picked up this lamp for 4.99! Nels had mentioned to me that he needed more light in the living room to read in the evenings (our apartment has no central light fixture?! how stupid…lol), so I had been looking for a pretty, inexpensive lamp for a while…

It was a goldish color which was kind of neat, but for our purposes, I decided it would be better in “heirloom white” – my favorite spray paint from Hobby Lobby (I have been painting everything with it)…

I seriously need to get some paint thinner…lol…

Anyway, I ended up really liking this lamp (and Nels loved it!), but I am still considering recovering the shade or embellishing it somehow. It has made his little reading corner much more inviting!…

Our place could use a lot more help, but we are slowly and surely plugging away at it!

Also, yesterday was Nels’ 28th birthday! It was lovely. Instead of a cake, I made this yummy dessert for the second time in two weeks since he begged me to do it again (its soooo easy, and tastes like fall!). I love knowing that I did my best to make it special and I think he really enjoyed it…a really sweet moment was when we were talking about all that had happened in his 27th year…and he said “Nothing really beats having a baby. You just can’t top Kaya!” 🙂


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