an incredible album

I am totally enchanted. At this very moment I am bursting at the seams, absolutely thrilled by the artistry, depth and spiritual challenge that is mewithoutYou’s “it’s all crazy! it’s all false! it’s all a dream! its alright” album. Maybe its just my triple shot latte. But seriously, my husband and I have obsessed over this album since we got it.

You should go buy it. And make sure to look through the album cover (or download it) as you listen to it for the first time. Even the cover is incredibly artistic and fantastic (you can preview it on my “Currently…” page).

In a time when “Christian” music that you hear on the radio seems so shallow and devoid of any meaning or beauty, when “secular” music is so riddled with soul-staining profanity and sensuality, mewithoutYou is a band with original sound, depth and messages that pierce and convict. Their lyrics make my literature-loving heart skip a beat. When was the last time you heard a song talk about overcoming sexual temptation? Have you ever been captivated by the poignant, poetic nature of  a song? Have you been energized by hearing a quirky, fresh sounding, musically-pleasing melody lately? This is that album. It is rich with meaning and storytelling. I hope you love it.

For a little taste, here are the lyrics from

Every Thought A Thought Of You

Every thought a Thought of You
No more thought, I ought to do…
When there ain’t a thing we see
Or touch we trust is true
Every thought a thought of You

Every look in search of You
No need for book when we’re with You
You wear a thin disguise,
O, Light within my Brother’s eyes!
Every look in search of You

Every song in praise of You
Our darkest nights are days to You
The Trees raise branches high
Like arms in church to grateful Sky,
Every song in praise of You

No one here to believe but You
Everyone else is bound to leave but You
When they swear, their love is real, they mean
I like the way you make me feel
No one here to believe but You
There is no one here to believe but You

Kul-anaya fikr minh ka
Abadan ahatmam enna ajab
Hayya’alal falal qad qamadis alah
Haqq: la illaha il Allah


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