{the date list}

A few weeks ago my lovely mother graciously volunteered to watch Kaya for Nels and I one Saturday afternoon so that we could enjoy a little date time together out of the house. We had a relaxing and fun time out…and yet came home feeling…a little let down…like we enjoyed the time out together, but it wasn’t all that it could be. Like it needed a little more fore thought or planning so that we both felt excited and special about the date. Like we needed some new ideas for fun dates so we don’t get stuck in a rut…

So anyway, when we got home, Nels pulled out a pad of paper and started a list of date ideas. He wrote out a page and then gave me the list and without looking at his ideas, I wrote a page of my own. Later we asked our facebook friends for ideas and recommendations (both general and in our city) and they had some great ideas too! Now whenever we have a spontaneous date night or a few days to plan ahead, we have a great list to turn to for fun, fresh ideas. Hope you enjoy some of these thoughts and maybe take some time to make your own list!

The Date List (can you guess which ideas were mine and which were Nels’?? lol)

– a poem date at a tea shop (write a poem about your life or love, read poetry together)

– hiking date (hike a new trail and bring along a light picnic)

– worship date (play and sing somewhere and get some coffee together after)

– painting/drawing date

– cheap gift date (shop together for little surprises for friends & family)

– photography contest (portraits of each other, old farms/barns, etc.)

– rifle range shoot

– fishing

– swing dancing (take a class?)

– write fun questions for each other and answer over coffee

– pick apples at an orchard

– go visit Barnes and Noble and preview new music

– make or paint pottery

– ice skating

– visit Asian market and sample fun and different foods/drinks

– visit rose garden

– drive-in movies

– climb community center rock wall

– take a walk at the arboretum

– test drive dream car

– do the hot wing challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings and watch a game together

– get snowcones

– comedy club

– visit WWII Museum/Liberty Memorial/Union Station/Crowne Center

– take a carriage ride on the plaza

P.S.: We also got some great restaurant recommendations and decided to keep a list of restaurants that we would like to try…I thought it might be fun to just fold the names up on slips of paper and draw one out from time to time for a surprise dinner out.

What have been some of your very best date nights? What do you do when you have a short time frame or a tight budget?


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