an uppity up update

this week has been so crazy…(i feel like i say that every week, but its true)…

but as i sit here in my terribly messy house sniffling and thanking God that the baby finally went back to sleep, i have to admit – it’s been a really great crazy week!

i mean, in the middle of all the sickness and chaos and school starting…

we enjoyed the fantastic smell of these little sweet peppers roasting in the toaster oven (add a little tomato, jalapeno, sea salt, cilantro, vinegar, etc…and voila! delicious fresh salsa)…

…and I have just about finished my first crochet project. One day I felt like learning how again, so I looked it up on youtube and then e-mailed my cousin for some simple project ideas. It reminds me of when my great grandma used to try to teach us (I did remember the chain stitch, Grandma Edith! Be proud!) and how my sister and I used to sit on her couch holding her yarn while she worked. There is something so, so relaxing about crocheting…just sitting still…working with your hands…haha. I’m finding it rather therapeutic in the midst of hectic days. And doesn’t this picture just make you want to curl up and pretend it’s autumn already?

Also, I finally got around the refinishing this table (when I should have been reading for school – ha – I get more other things done when I have a long homework to-do list). Someone had thrown it away and Nels found it and brought it home to me…it was an ugly wood that was in need of some serious love, so I cleaned it, sanded it, cleaned it again and painted it…

…I’m pretty happy with it for a free table. I think I’ll use it as a side table for herbs on the patio. But its awfully cute…we may have to find a spot for it in the house.

ALSO, oh my gosh ohhhhh my gosh.

Yesterday marked 7 months with my little girly! I found these photos on my photo booth…

She was so itty bitty! Now, as of last week’s doctors appointment, she is 17lbs, 14 oz…95 percentile for her weight, 100 percentile for height! And so, so beautiful…

A little picture of peace!



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