Memo/Jewelry Board

My project is complete! And now I’m getting ready to make another one, because I love how it turned out and I have more jewelry than will fit on just one….(obsession? yes.) Sorry I didn’t take any step by step photos, but here’s how you can do it too: {what you’ll need} a frame (i bought a cheap new one, but you might find some funky old ones at a thrift store!)| a piece of cardboard (sometimes they come with your frame..thats what i used) | fabric, quilt batting & cork sized to fit inside your frame (all sold on big rolls at Walmart) | a few yards of ribbon | buttons, fabric flowers or charms | staple gun | glue gun {how it’s done} 1. remove the glass from your frame. save for another fun project for another day. 2. glue or staple (i prefer the staple gun. more power!) your cork to the cardboard, then do the same with the quilt batting. 3. wrap you fabric around the whole thing and wrap it like a present, folding it tightly over the corners and staple it in place 4. ribbon time! i wish i had traced where the ribbons should go so it was perfectly aligned, so i think i’ll do that next time! lay your ribbons over the fabric and criss-cross them under-over style. (a picture would be helpful here, eh?) staple that in place as well. 5. glue or stitch on your buttons (i used little flowers) on the intersection points…be very generous with the glue here, you will want it to be firmly in place so it can hold up the weight of those dangly earrings! 6. return decorated cardboard to the frame and secure it. hang it on your wall and further adorn it with your lovely jewelry! Very easy and very fun! You can hang the earrings from the ribbons, some necklaces and bracelets can hang as well, and you can push pins into the cork and hang jewelry from those as well. Hope all that made sense and if you have any questions feel free to ask! Also, Target had a great sale on bulletin boards so I got one for my baby girl and painted some little flowers on it using stencils we had from another project… I am savoring this free time to do creative things and slightly dreading the impending doom of a hectic school schedule! I suppose there is a time for everything…;-) Have a great day! jc


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