favorite time of day

My two favorite times of day:

#1 – baby going down for a nap

#2 – baby waking up


One thought on “favorite time of day

  1. I suggest you go down to the farmers market and buy some sweet corn. You just cook it, cut it off the cob, and freeze it. I do 5 dozen ears every year. We put 3 in each bag…one ear per person but you can do more if you like. This year will be the first time I freeze green beans and rhubarb so I hope they turn out good. I will also be canning tomatoes when I can buy enough at the farmers market, they are perfect for pasta sauce which is so much better than the stuff on the store shelf. Canned peaches are always a favorite. Applesauce and apple jelly from moms tree are always a treat too. I also can pickeled beets for adam (yuck) but he loves them and so does Tyler. Anyway, you asked for suggestions so there are mine.

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