This Week’s Masterpiece. HA!

My new stuff-stasher. Cereal box + pretty handmade paper from my new favorite store + a little ribbon = my little crafty project this week. πŸ™‚ There is something so satisfying about finishing a project you’ve had in mind for weeks, no matter how small and simple it is!

Also, yesterday we learned how to properly wind a bobbin and thread a sewing machine that was handed down to us, so perhaps there will be some sewing projects in my near future…

Here’s to a wonderful Father’s Day Weekend! ❀



3 thoughts on “This Week’s Masterpiece. HA!

  1. Love to sew. They don’t make sewing machines like they used to. I have an old one and a newer one and guess which is my favorite. Sarah does a lot of sewing too, she makes all her civil war costumes and with 10 yards of fabric in each dress it isn’t easy. Call if you have questions. There are many fun and easy dress patterns for little girls that you can start on. Once you learn how to read a pattern you can make anything. Pajamas would be another good project to try, quick and easy. Good luck and I would love to see some of your projects.

  2. thanks shannon! i have an old nelco that i learned on as a little girl…i’m hoping it will sort of come back to me! i’m excited to try to make kaya a sweet dress πŸ™‚ what do you like to sew?

  3. The last thing I sewed was a pair of pajamas for Tyler. I have also made myself dressses, blouses, skirts and of course hemming and mending clothes. I am much better with a hook in my hands than a sewing needle. I strongly suggest going to Joanns or Hobby Lobby and looking through their pattern books. There are lots of easy patterns to do. I suggest if you havent read a pattern before to start with a skirt and working your way up to something more difficult. Its so much fun to make and wear things that you can’t find in the stores. Grandma taught both me and sarah, however sarah is much better at it than I am. Hope all is well!

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