Since 1986

My mom and dad are the bomb diggity. Just sayin.

Dad has the greatest smile on the earth. Second only, perhaps, to his grandbaby KAYA! 🙂 My mom’s laugh is best (and even better when she’s laughing at dad).

I’m really glad they’re in love. Has anything impacted my life as immensely as their love for God and one another has? I think not.

I love these hands. They are so precious to me. My dad’s hands are strong, often smell of basketballs and are suntanned year round. Mom’s hands are so soft and (usually) gentle. I always wanted to have long, slender fingers with long, pretty nails like hers. They are hard working hands that have held mine, disciplined me, wiped my tears and provided much for me.

They’re beautiful, no? But they’re not perfect. Let me tell you, I have seen their flaws. But I am increasingly grateful for the gift of my parents’ happy, strong, God-blessed marriage.

Happy Anniversary, Mommy & Daddy. Your marriage is a beautiful gift to our family and all who are a part of it. I find that as I begin my own marriage and start to train up my baby girl I am growing in love and admiration for you both. Thank you for loving each other, for enduring the long nights and for celebrating the joy that comes in the morning. Thank you for teaching me to pray, to forgive, to live uprightly and with energy, to love in spite of hurt and imperfection. You have set an example for me of following the Lord and trusting that He is good in all things – even in pain, depression, loss and re-direction. You have put God and each other first and been a picture of a team.

Mom, thank you for loving the Word of God more than anyone that I know. Daddy, thank you for reminding everyone around you that HE is the Vine, we are the branches, and apart from Him we can do nothing. Your love for Mommy and for me has been the foundation of my life in many ways.

Happy Anniversary,

WITH LOVE ❤ your favorite oldest daughter….:)


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