Craving Stompin’

Losing post-baby weight is no simple matter. Praise the LORD – I’m half way there. (HALFWAY?! Bah. I thought it’d be gone by now…but praise Him anyway! It’s goinggg!) We’ve been working out pretty consistently and trying to eat healthy. But a girl’s gotta have her chocolate fix, you know! This week I tried out a low-fat, no-flour black bean brownie recipe. It sounds disgusting…really…I was even a little grossed out watching the black beans fly around in the blender (GAG!). But this sweet, not-so-bad for you treat even fooled my “chick food”-phobic husband into eating half the pan.

Best healthy, chocolate-craving-stompin’ brownie recipe right here: (minus the instant coffee-sick! who does that?! i used my fave 8’o’clock coffee grounds)

Sorry, I would post a picture, but the brownies are long gone…;-)


One thought on “Craving Stompin’

  1. I lost my post-baby weight (22 kg) in 10 months by eating only salad and juice for dinner. But I enjoy healthy hearty breakfast and lunch. I think the weight came off easily because I had to run around behind my boy all the time. But I would try the black- bean-brownie. It seems delicious and healthy. Thanks for sharing.

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