This has been a most wonderful week.

Among all the other awesomeness of this week…my dad came to speak to the nutrition class yesterday on exercise, life, ministry, etc. We got to have lunch with him and although that sounds quite simple, I used to have coffee or lunch or work out with my dad all the time and I really miss it a lot. It’s a precious, even sacred, time to me.


While he was speaking to the class he handed out a brochure put out by IHRSA that had some crazy statistics about the benefits of exercise. Here are a few of them:

– working out for as little as 15 minutes 3 days a week reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimers by 40%

– fit men have 1/3 the risk of death from heart disease

– men who exercise vigorously 1-5 times per week reduced their risk of stroke by up to 21%

– women who exercise vigorously more than 5 times a week have a 38% lower risk of breast cancer than women who do not exercise

– brisk walking reduces breast cancer risk by 18%

– a modest increase in physical activity is associated with lower odds of obesity of more than 50% of boys and nearly 40% in girls

– physical activity reduces colon cancer risk by 47%

Anyway, I was encouraged to keep working out and up my intensity, but I was even more delighted that after the class my husband took us right to the YMCA and added himself and our baby onto my membership! YAY. We went this morning for our first workout together, and it feels so good to be starting a good habit that is beneficial for a myriad of reasons…it makes us more energetic and healthier, emotional well-being, generally being a disciplined person, and instilling good exercise habits in our little girl. I’m stoked about it! Working out regularly brings so much balance to my life. AND I’m really excited to [one day hopefully soon] fit back into my pre-preggo clothes. I’m really thankful for my dad who has set a great example for me of living fully and passionately for the Lord, loving people, and being a good steward of his body so he can be a blessing to others. ❤ ❤ I hope I can do the same for Ky Ky!


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