Happy March!

I have been a pathetic blogger lately.

Actually, I’ve had a generally lack-luster performance the last couple of weeks…in everything (including sleeping – bah!).

But, with a little catch-up blog today, perhaps I will get back in the swing of things with Spring Break (holla!!) next week…:) So here goes…a selection of schnazzay color-coded random thoughts and updates:

1. I completely forgot about St. Patricks Day until Nels and I were out to lunch on Wednesday afternoon, and chose Westport and the Plaza of all places to enjoy an afternoon walk…bad idea. Anyway, today I read this rad article by Mark Driscoll about Patrick (definitely worth your time!): http://theresurgence.com/Vintage_Saints_St_Patrick.

2. Spring is coming. Snow may be in the forecast for the weekend, but it’s coming I tell you! There is something absolutely healing about warmth, sunlight and new growth. I am terribly in love with spring! Who isn’t? We have been growing more and more desperate for spring time and it has resulted in this: Yes, our living room has been turned into a giant seed bed. Obsessed? Definitely. Squash, Corn, Zucchini, Sunflower, Watermelon, Morning Glory, Pumpkin, Basil, Peppers, Tomato…you name it, we planted it. Considering that the biggest “garden” I’ve ever had consisted of 3 neglected yet miraculously fruitful tomato plants, I’d really be delighted if any of these grow. LOL. But having all these little pots in our living room is our statement of faith: spring is coming. 🙂 Ha. It really is giving me hope. So is this:

Ahh, Hyacinth. No better smell in the world!

3. And of course, in the last few weeks I’ve been learning lots about being a mommy. Our little girl is 7 1/2 weeks old! Our missions professor told us an old African proverb once that said: “even a monkey is a gazelle in the eyes of it’s mother”…LOL, but I am absolutely convinced that she is the most wonderful, beautiful, fantastic little life ever. Even if she pooped on me yesterday. Even if I have never been so tired. I love her heavy sleep breathing, her little noises as she tries to talk to me, her wide and terrified eyes when she wakes up hungry. I am also trying not to resent the fact that she loves Mr. Owl on her bouncy seat more than she loves me. 😉 I think she would flirt with him all day if I didn’t get jealous! Anyway, having a baby has brought a lot of intense challenge to my life, but overall I am very grateful for her, and grateful to God who gives wisdom generously to all who ask, without finding fault (James 1). Pretty sure I’ll be taking Him up on that.

[having a little heart to heart over coffee…she’ll be totally into it someday. for now, she’s into milk and nap time. haa.]

Hmm…in other things, we are enjoying our Couples’ Bible Study at church on Friday nights. And, of all crazy things!, planning a mission trip to COSTA RICA in August (more about that later!).

There’s the update! Today I am praising GOD for His GOODNESS towards me. I am so grateful for the hope HE has given!

❤ jordan cristine carlson

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”


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