{more} anticipation

I think we’re almost past the point of anticipation.

With the baby being over a week past our estimated due date, life is feeling rather anti-climactic. For literally the past month and a half I have been shaving my legs everyday (quite a feat with such a big belly, I might add!) “just in case” today is the day. The last…hmm…6? times that I’ve done laundry I’ve thought something like “Well, great. Now that’s done and the baby can come.”

She didn’t come on Amy’s birthday…or Uncle Sam’s birthday…or Tony’s or Nate’s…Is there no incentive great enough?

My life is really spiraling downwards. I’m even beginning to think my pink underwear aren’t really that lucky. Dang. :/

But really, I should be grateful that she hasn’t come yet. Last week was my grandpa’s funeral. Then my doctor was out of town. Then my dad was in the hospital. This has been a hard, emotional, dry couple of weeks. Pretty lame timing for a new baby. I really do trust that God has a perfect plan, and I am happy waiting for it. Plus, I am feeling wonderful and have been able to get plenty of exercise and enjoy a wonderful Christmas break with my hubby-love ❀ hehe.

One bright spot in this last week was the discovery of an enchanting little Asian market in downtown Kansas City…oh myyyy. Nels and I are in love. With each other…and Kim Long’s Asian Market. They have a Vietnamese restaurant with delicious boba milk tea and honeydew slushies…but best of all, they have a glorious little market of every Asian necessity you could think of, at prices that seem too good to be true (or imported). I’m looking for excuses to go back..(I think I need some bamboo plants…:P).

We got all of these lovely groceries for less than $15…(hallelujah!)…

which resulted in a lovely dinner…

…which resulted in this lovely, happy man…:)


That’s all for now πŸ™‚

Here’s to: melting snow, letters from old friends, and oolong tea! ❀ jc


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