Our baby is due this week. We’ve been expecting her “any day now” for the last month. 🙂 Nels and I have installed the car seat, hung curtains, bought a few last registry items, washed and folded lots of baby clothes and more.

We even painted her name on little wooden plaques with faint yellow flowers and hung them by beaded strings (on fishing line – Daddy’s idea – lol) and found a sweet bassinet on craigslist for $20!

…and I am personally a fan of these little bins that my Grandma bought me to organize all her little diapers and things in…:)

A few weeks ago I felt almost totally unprepared for her to be here. Today, I don’t necessarily feel prepared, but I feel ready. God really brings about all things in His good time.

God’s timing is so perfect, and yet so hard to understand sometimes! I am really disappointed to be unable to make the trip up to Nebraska to go to my grandpa’s funeral with the baby being due this week (Grandma and Dad both threatened my life if I attempted it). I want to hear every “Papa Sam story” and celebrate his life with our family…process our griefs and joys together…hug my sweet Grandma. And yet God ordained that Kaya would be due this week and that I would have to stay home. I believe it is His grace that gives us new life and hope even as we mourn the passing of my wonderful Papa Sam. It is such an inexplicably bittersweet time. Our family has so much to celebrate – there are so many blessings! My cousin Steph recently got engaged, we have the first great-grandchild due any day, Papa had such a graceful, dignified death, He now has a resurrected body and is in the presence of our Lord, etc. etc. etc. “How precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His godly ones”! Even still…the brevity of life is sobering. Nels described Papa Sam as the “main event” in our family and I couldn’t have said it any better. His absence is painful.

All of these things said…I am in great anticipation of things to come!…

– i can’t wait to see Papa in heaven – what a joy!

– one day very soon we’ll meet baby Kaya

– God is shaping Nels and I into parents – so crazy!

– spring is coming 🙂

– my cousin is getting married in the summer (so is Nels’ brother)

Praise His name.

jordan cristine

Here is a link to Papa Sam’s obituary:

Papa was pretty handsome! 🙂


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