Don’t you even CARE?!

Lately I have been meandering through the book of Mark.

A couple of days ago, I read about the storm that Jesus calmed. His disciples were freaking out while he slept. “Don’t you even care that we are about to die?” Jesus first calmed the storm, rebuking the wind and waves. Then he rebuked the disciples for their lack of faith.

For the first time I see that he is not merely rebuking them for having a lack of faith regarding his power over nature, but their doubt of his CARE and love for them. “Don’t you even care?!” Of course He does. He is a loving Saviour.

The Lord blessed me with a special sense of His presence as I read that.

Just wanted to encourage you guys – the Lord cares for you. Even in the midst of terrifying storms in your lives.

❤ Jordan


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