I am utterly enchanted by…

– my morning cup of Caribou. Bless the Lord, oh my soul, bless the Lord!

the indescribable moment when my fear of vulnerability was abandoned and I could cry while my fiance kissed the tears off my cheeks. I could not ask for more.

– the wonderful Thai characters (which I cannot read) that are now adorning my computer screen. Somehow I switched the language on my computer from English to Thai –I’m not exactly sure how to switch it back, and I’m in no hurry to do so. Ohh, sweet Thailand.

– Death Cab for Cutie. Seriously. Bliss for the ears. The beauty of their music is entrancing, enchanting, enthralling. I love the imagery and emotion and longing. Songs like “Transatlanticism” and “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” are absolutely magical. Lately I have especially enjoyed the “Narrow Stairs” album…many of the songs are deeply sad, but as a whole, the album seems to veer away from merely depressing anthems and really describes a depth of human emotions and experience in a lyrically and musically brilliant way. 

– Elisabeth Elliot. Her words and encouragement to surrender to the Lord and His will often ring very true…and yet they also grate against deep places of my selfish spirit like sandpaper. “A willing acceptance of all that God assigns and a glad surrender of all that I am and have constitute the key to receiving the gift of a quiet heart.” I pray that I will live in a way that is in accordance with His will.

– And I am NOT  so enchanted by the amount of homework setting on the table next to me – untouched…oh and the fact that I just found out I have another paper due this week. Bah! I am also not so enchanted by the fact that my brother and sister get to go to the NEBRASKA game in Lincoln without me tonight.

WELL…Go Big Red! 


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