i’M Sorry.

I am getting freaking good at apologizing… 

….frankly, I am sick of it. 

Letters, phonecalls, “sit downs”, coffee dates, e-mails. I’ve tried to make things right via just about every means possible in the last few days. I can only hope I’ve finished for a while…but I’m not convinced.

In the mean time, for the sake of your precious soul, and to save me the misery of loathing my insensitivity or selfishness or (*insert character flaw or random major blunder here*)…just avoid me for a while. Please know that I love you dearly. I would drop off the planet for a bit and try to get my act together, but that plan has been thwarted…

I’d like to do something right any time now. Any…semblance…of some good, un-botched, un-Jordan-tainted-ness would be marvelous. 

For now, I will keep Relient K’s “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been” and “For the Moments I Feel Faint” on endless repeat and look forward to starting a new day tomorrow with a morning walk with Jesus.


One thought on “i’M Sorry.

  1. I love You!! Isn;t that sick that so many people around you, Your friends and loved once are feeling like CRAP! Satan is getting to us and I hate it… I hate that he comes and gets in between in my life. I hate that I still allow him to do that even though I have Victory in JESUS!!! We need some worship and quality time here, but i hate that there are so many peopel that i don’t wish to do it with!! WHAT A MESS>.. I love YOU!!! I will pray for You … You pray for us…

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