A day in the life…

Getting ready for pre-marital counseling this morning…it’s gettin real!

Feeling rather accomplished – all my homework is finished for Christian Doctrine I this morning! I feel like such a scholar just carrying around my huge systematic theology book. It kind of inspires me to lifting weights as well.

Without my daily cup of coffee I feel like I’m operating at slightly sub-par. I really feel like 3/4 of a human being without that shot of “liquid bean caffeine”. You know what this means?? It’s probably time for a no-coffee fast. Argh. However – maybe it will help my “fidgetyness”. I really can’t sit still.

I am unbelievably blessed with great friends right now. From our couples’ lunch/prayer, to my stellar fiance, to my alto-singing buddy Monika, to sweet Rachel who is going as my moral support to my”woman appointment” tomorrow, to miss Amy who is all around loving and wonderful to me and is helping me stay on track with this wedding planning business…God has provided support, love, fun, accountability…thank you, Lord!

My mind is too busy. I told my mother the other day that I feel like an internet browser with about six tabs open. I keep popping back and forth and back and forth. This mental hyperactivity is annoying. Maybe it’s because I’m a full time student, working a crazy job, planning a mission trip, planning a wedding, etc. Or maybe I’m just ADHD or something. Whatever it is – I’d really like to feel like I’m all in one place sometime soon.

I feel a bit distant from the Lord. What to do but press in? Take it away, Abba. 

My big ole tumor on the back of my head turned out to be an infected lymph node (they think…) which means that (PRAISE GOD) I didn’t have to go under the knife yesterday. Oh joy…yet another round of antibiotics. 

Reading Ruth this morning. I am grateful for getting to see how even though Naomi felt that the Lord had dealt so bitterly with her that she came full circle and blessed the Lord and said (of Boaz) “May he be blessed by the Lord, whose kindness has not forsaken the living or the dead!”

Practiced my soon-to-be-new-signature the other day in class. Lots and lots. It’s going to be a rock star signature, for sure.

Oh dear…here goes another day. I pray that it is lived intentionally and not just survived.



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