A Lovely Saturday

Saturdays are my favorite…free ones, at least. No to-do list’s (except that nagging one that is stored in the back of my mind), no agenda…just a Saturday. The first in August. The only free one this month. Mmmm…

What a beautiful day the Lord has given me. I awoke with a bitter taste in my mouth but he washed it away and replaced the sour with a sweetness from savoring his grace. Truly, I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good.

I drove 60 some odd miles in quietness. Silly, perhaps, considering the cost to fuel that trip without destination…but not purposeless. First time I have been alone in a while. It is refreshing to “Be still and know that I am God,” while traveling miles of gravel roads whose turns reveal more and more of the endless rolling prairie grasses. Sometimes it is nice to shut the radio off.

A cup of coffee sounded nice…but most of the coffeeshops I drove by looked too hectic this morning. I found a small one that had a great big chair just inside and read 1 Peter and parts of Isaiah and Hebrews while downing a delicious white chocolate mocha frappucino…:) Mmmm…Saturday!

After such a morning and early afternoon, even doing the dishes and folding laundry seems relaxing and enjoyable, especially when coupled with listening to a little Nickel Creek and dreaming up a beautiful wedding…

Did I just say wedding? Oh yes, oh YES! Nels and I got engaged on Tuesday night. 🙂 More on that to come…

Thank you, Lord. 

I could spit on a stranger. ha. 



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