These are the days

A few thoughts about this day in the life…

The .99 cent toilet paper is not a bargain. Lamest purchase ever.

I would like to get more than 2 hours of sleep tomorrow night.

Pretty sure The Dark Knight raised a few intense questions of morality, ethics,etc…LOVED it! An extraordinary performance by Heath Ledger.

I miss Thailand desperately. Really, I am desperate to live out the great commission in a tangible and focused way, taking the gospel to peoples that have not heard, joining a team of worshipful believers, to live out of a backpack for months, taste a little fear, pray over lands that have so long been ruled by darkness, wrestle with an unfamiliar language, pour the love of Christ into the poor and downtrodden, enjoy the adventures that are squattie potties, tuk tuks and border crossings. Weird, huh?

Fresh, juicy pineapple is absolutely bomb. I don’t mean just any pineapple. I mean fresh, ripe, lip-smackin’ pineapple. The kind that is worth the canker sores that they bring…one of the many joys God brings to my life! 🙂

The kids in our backyard Bible club this week are hilarious and adorable. Abba, that they would know You! I love them and can’t wait to avoid their questions about animals in heaven again tonight.

Dropped my man off at the train station this morning. Union Station is, in his words, grand. It’s true, and I’m so jealous – I want to go ride on a train. It’s truly my preferred method of travel – there is something so lovely about the rocking and clacking and watching the world slowly pass by just beyond your window.

I am an uber lame pray-er. But I love talking to God about anything and everything that crosses my mind, so please excuse me as I clumsily fumble for words that are a far cry from eloquence…

Someday I am going to be a photographer. Right now I feel like I have to live every moment, and not just record it, but I want to remember these days…

Here’s to: knowing it’s real and blessed mysteries.

❤ jordan


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