a summer afternoon

Mmm…there are few things that I delight in like these sweet summer days. There are few things that remind me of my Savior’s love the way pouring sweat and a blazing sun can. And there are few things that zap my creative juices faster than these lazy afternoons. So many things to do, to study, to write…and yet I am perfectly content to join my neighbor in wandering aimlessly through our shared and beautifully treed backyard. I suspect the campus kiddos have a fort back there…J


Summer brings so many things that I adore – tingly skin that smells of chlorine, ripe watermelon, a sky that remains smoky for days from pyro-celebrations of independence. One would think it would inspire me to eloquence and passion in songs and writing and prayers and reading…but I find the opposite is true. I just want to soak it all in. Even my personal and prayer journal is dry, and I am reluctant to even take much time to write. Perhaps I should take pictures and remember these moments for bleaker days. I did enjoy being a “Muse” for a friend the other day. I want to write more, and yet I feel like I follow thoughts for only a step or two. I am so easily and willingly distracted.


Maybe I am a product of a Western mindset and lifestyle. Maybe I need to discipline my life more. Maybe I should read and soak in the thoughts are art of others – so often I am too quick to speak. Or maybe I should enjoy these unstructured moments and thoughts and savor them, hoarding them like some kind of animal preparing for hibernation…or another grueling semester…J Ha…The fact that I just had that picture in my mind shows the kind of influence my beloved boyfriend has had on my life. J  


I am so happy that he is going to be in Kansas City tomorrow, if only for a couple of hours! He is such a joy and blessing in my life…although his chipper voice at 3 a.m. disturbs me greatly. J Oh, God is too good to me. I was reminded of that today. Thank you, Mark Driscoll [cue – “The Rebel’s Guide to Joy in Humility” podcast from Mars Hill Church]. In the midst of such frustration towards the unfaithful bride of Christ (of which I am a part), I am encouraged by people like Nels Carlson and Brittney Whitley and Pam Williams and Mark Driscoll and John Piper (praise GOD for “When I Don’t Desire God”) and Amy Figueroa and Kathleen Baxter. They love Jesus. He is their life.


Faith. Without it, pleasing God is impossible. “Confidence in the unseen.” God is preparing me to exercise my faith. I’m not sure how yet, but it’s true. 


Ahh. Enough of this. I need a run and a tall glass of cold minty-green tea.

Peace be with you. ❤




One thought on “a summer afternoon

  1. very poetic. Writing comes in spurts for everyone. If you didn’t take time to soak in the good times, what would you write about when the urge hits? It’s a balance like everything else.

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